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Stay in control and anticipate problemsProduction Tracker

With Kitsu, schedule each task, collect time spents and track quotas. Take advantage of indicators to anticipate problems and build clear production reports. Always have an overview of your production and zoom at fine grain level to understand the details.

More than 1000 productions were already tracked with Kitsu!

Production reportsGet a 360° view on your data

With Kitsu you can see statistics about your status progress. It provides you with retake evolution charts to see, in a glimpse, what is going on. Exports are available to send the reports to third parties.

PlanningsSchedule your work

From the schedule module, you will be able to set the main duration and milestones of your project. It will allow you to see occupation and plan your production better.

QuotasSet your expectations

Follow the productivity of your Artists and anticipate when someone has difficulties. Make sure that no one is blocked. Set productivity goals and ensure that quotas are matched.

Customer Story:
Fost studio

"With Kitsu, people think first about the time saved but what matters more to me is the serenity you get by having everything in order. It gave you more space in your brain to focus on other elements of your production."

Céline Durieux, Head Of Studio

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