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CGWire develops Kitsu, a platform for animation and VFX productions that brings teams and tools together in a single place. Collaborate, manage deliveries, and perform reviews from anywhere.

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Unicorn Wars - 2D Feature Film, 1h32
Autour de Minuit
Fully tracked using Kitsu

Elevate Your Productions To The Next Level

With Kitsu, you can enable efficient collaboration between distributed teams, whether in the studio or from home. This results in better decision-making and faster deliveries.

Always make informed decisions

Receive up-to-date information on your production's progress, allowing you to assign tasks and provide efficient feedback, keeping your team on track.

Make your data available everywhere

Your content is stored securely and will always be accessible to your team and throughout your pipeline. Everyone knows what to do, whether in the studio or from home.

Achieve results from day 1

Streamlined and intuitive software is quicker to use and easier to get started with. With Kitsu, you can start your projects without the need for a consultant or intensive training.

Three Gigabears, Commercial - 35 seconds
Gigabyte / Woodblock
Fully tracked using Kitsu

Scale your studio

Kitsu saves time and increases efficiency. Once integrated into your pipeline, it supercharges your studio, making it easier than ever to acquire more productions!


Empower your artists with efficient to-do lists.

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Discover how studios have used our products to enhance collaboration and successfully complete productions.


Mush Mush, 3D TV Series - 52x11 minutes
2 seasons
La Cabane
Fully tracked using Kitsu

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  • CNC
  • Epic Games
  • Blender Studio

Harnessing our technical expertise to empower your creativity

CGWire's software is open source and developed in collaboration with studios. All features and functionality have been validated through real-life use cases.

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