Simple CG Production Management

Validation tracking, CG artist todo-list and shot breakdown in the same place

Making an animation movie is more than an artistic challenge

Managing a production well and having an efficient pipeline are two challenges animation studios face when they scale. At the beginning, with a good sense of organisation, everything runs well. But when productions are bigger or when delays are shorter you can be quickly overwhelmed. Graphists lose time looking for the right files, validation tracking becomes harder and repetitive tasks without artistic values are flooding.

CGWire knows these problems well. We have an extensive experience in studios and as software engineers. And the good news: we can give you a hand.

Discover our free and open source solutions

To assist you in your pipeline setup, we are working on open source tools that will make your life easier:

Zou, An API to store and manage your production data.

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Kitsu, A web app for you production management.

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Gazu, A Python client to connect your tools to the Zou API.

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Try the CGWire suite with Docker

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name cgwire cgwire/cgwire

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