Production Tracking For Indie Studios

CGWire helps studios to deliver high-end content with tight budget. It allows to dispatch tasks, send feedback and validate the work done from anywhere.

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Bring Your Productions To The Next Step

With our solutions, you keep track of validations and you store every versions of each previews. Everyone knows in real-time what is going on. Therefore, you enable efficient collaboration between different sites and with people working from home. You take better decisions and deliver pictures faster.

Always make the best decisions

You get up to date information. So you can assign tasks and send directives properly. That makes your team more productive.

Make your data available everywhere

Your data and previews are stored securely and will always be accessible to your team and your pipeline. Everyone knows what to do in the studio or from home.

Get things done from Day 1

Slick and uncluttered software are faster, but they also easier to start with. With Kitsu, you can start your projects without the need of a consultant or intensive training.

Achieve More Together

With CGWire, collaboration is easier than ever. Save time and increase efficiency while working as a team. And, plug it to your pipeline to put your studio on steroids!


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By Studios for Studios

CGWire software is open source and developed in collaboration with studios. Our solution has been built iteratively during running productions: all features and user interfaces have been validated by real-life use cases.