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Your data is always available and securedElite hosting

Our operation team provides you with highest standard of the cloud industry. With decades of experience, we ensure that your installation is always up and that your data are always secured. All our installations are safely isolated ensuring performance and confidentiality.

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SSL, Secret Management, Restricted accessKeep your data secured

We apply all the highest security standards. We use only secured transmissions to access our up-to-date installations. All our secrets are managed through secured vaults and our employees are screened. A security document is available on demand.

99% uptimeMake sure that your Kitsu is always up

We monitor every activity on your instance. We get alerts every time something wrong or suspicious happens. We can fix the issue as fast as possible.

Speed and reliabilityGet fast access to your productions

Your installation is isolated from others and is set up near your location. All videos processing is run on a dedicated machine and playlists movie build can be done for big playlists.

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