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For Production Managers

As a Production Manager you need to track the costs of the production and to know what is reviewed and how many times it required a retake.

Kitsu provides you with efficient timesheets where you can see the number of hours spent per Artist, at a day, week or month range. You can access the details by production.

For each shot or asset, you can see the overall time spent on it. It will help to identify entities that cost too much. You can set estimation on every task and compare them to the time spent for each task.

With the statistic page, you can write your producer report faster. You don’t have to chase the information. You can report the information on your report and see the progress of the product during its lifetime.

You don't need to spend too much time gathering the files for the daily or weekly review. With the playlist page, you can set the reviews with a single click and don't miss anything.

Kitsu is a very artist-friendly tool to plan and track your project. The UI is clean and easy to understand. We got a lot of positive reactions from the team.

Christian Zehetmeier, Head of Production at Woodblock

Why you should use Kitsu for your Short Movies

  • Communicate easily with your Artists and keep the history
  • Schedule and manage several projects at the same time
  • Send reviews and final projects through the client gateway

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"27" Tracked with Kitsu by Miyu Productions - Cannes Palme D'or 2023

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