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For a Student

Students need a central place to collaborate with each other and their teachers. Kitsu provides a dedicated workspace for sharing information.

Kitsu provides a framework for students to organize and receive feedback from their teachers. Thanks to the notification system (in-app, email, or Slack), they are always informed about any required changes.

Your students will learn how to use a production tracker utilized in real studios. They will gain an early understanding of prioritization and the basics of professional communication.

Kitsu is the exact solution we were looking for to manage our students projects.

Carlos de Carvalho, Director of studies at Pôle 3D

Why you should use Kitsu for your Education Program

  • Preparing students for industry-standard production management
  • Playlist makes reviews easy for teachers
  • Efficient student interactions with built-in comment system

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  • Les gobelins
  • ESRA
  • Lanimea
  • Ecole Georges Méliès
  • ECV
  • L'idem
  • Hochschule Luzern
  • Atelier de Sèvres
  • Make Animation School
  • Nextgen School Academy
  • Creative Seeds
  • Parallel 14
  • RITCS School of Art

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