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Set and share your breakdownsCasting Management

Set your breakdowns and access casting information from anywhere. Add as many asset occurrences as needed and record other metadata. Then, you will see when your shots are ready to be built.

More than 200 000 assets were already managed with Kitsu!

Link assets to shotsList your breakdown

Build breakdown tables showing for each shot the casted assets organized by types. Add metadata right from there to every shot. Provide information for your scene builder.

Set populatingLink assets together

Connect assets for specific representation. You can populate sets, link props to characters, or anything fitting your workflow.

CSV files and APIExport your casting

Export all casting information either as a flat .csv file or as a column representation. Connect your tools to our API to enhance your scene builder.

Customer Story:
Autour De Minuit

"We needed a tool to link tasks and visual deliveries. We wanted practical and pleasant software for the teams. Especially for Filmmakers, who had to access the shots end-to-end at any moment. And of course, all while allowing production managers to track the progress with ease."

Fiona Cohen, Production Manager

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