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Provide feedback on every submissionReview Engine

Create playlists to review your shots and assets consecutively, for yourself or your client. Set up review sessions to provide feedback efficiently. Maintain access to all preview versions to compare with earlier deliveries.

Over 2 000 000 videos were already reviewed with Kitsu!

PlaylistsReview consecutive shots

Quickly build review playlists and comment on all shots consecutively. You can add comments and annotations directly from the playlist. Share playlists with your clients or review them with your team.

Side by side or overlayCompare with any version

Compare any preview with an earlier or related version. View them side by side or as a stacked overlay.

Real-time synchronizationPerform team reviews

Review playlists in sync with your team, allowing everyone to view the same footage and stay on the same page.

Customer Story:
Makuta VFX (RRR Movie)

"Kitsu has pretty much unified everything and is forcing neater communication not only between artists but from production, management, and clients."

Pete Draper, Head of VFX

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