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We adapt our setup to your studio need.Tailor-Made Architecture

At a certain scale, your studio may have different requirements: on-premise installation, Active Directory integration, multi-instances, local object storage, local video computing cluster. At CGWire we can set up these specificities on your dedicated hardware. Our ops team will set up the perfect installation for your studio.

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On-premise, AD connectionSetup Kitsu on your servers

We can set up Kitsu with all the advantages of the cloud offer directly on your servers. You can feel safe and take advantage of very close servers while benefiting from all our services (security, uptime, and performance). Your installation is kept up to date and monitored as if it was in our cloud. Even better, it can be plugged into your Active Directory.

Multi-instances installationIsolate all your productions

As a big studio, you may need to keep teams and production data separated from other projects for security and organisational reasons. That's why, we offer you isolated installations for every production. That way you can have different pipelines without interfering with the other setups.

AD connection, local object storage, local video clusterMake your on-premise installation unique

Go to the next step by setting the most advanced cloud technologies on your private servers: object storage, video computing cluster, and monitoring tools. We can set everything for your you and your Kitsu installations.

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