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2D, 3D and VFXKitsu for Feature Films

For Producers

The producer has a better view of the production. He can verify any information from the client or the contractor.

Kitsu allows him to financially see how things are going. Where the money is spent and why. He can see which shots or assets cost him the most. Thanks to the charts he knows always how the production is going.

The producer doesn’t depend on someone to see the progress of the show. No one has to stop what they are doing to provide pictures or previews to the producer. He can see by himself the progress of an episode in real-time.

Kitsu has pretty much unified everything and is forcing neater communication.

Pete Draper, Head of VFX at Makuta VFX (RRR movie)

Why you should use Kitsu for your Feature Films

  • Have an overview of the progress of all your sequences
  • Run full sequence reviews through a playlist with external collaborators
  • Unify the communication with all vendors

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  • Ankama Animations
  • Autour De Minuit
  • Les Fées Spéciales
  • Supamonks
  • Onyx Films
  • Miyu
  • Uniko
  • 3.0 Studio
  • Les Valseurs
  • Parmi les lucioles
  • Traumhaus
  • Makuta
  • Alba Sotorra
  • IIW

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