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What Drives UsOur mission

While the production complexity increased and the deadlines tightened, the need for efficient teamwork became stronger. The amount of data to manage made it harder to deliver qualitative movies and, kept people late at night. That's why we decided to put an end to this. We wake up every morning with one goal: allow you to deliver high-end pictures while keeping it fun.

To achieve this, we rethought how communication happens inside and outside the studio. For the inside, we turned the production tracker into a collaborative platform. Through it, all the stakeholders share information in real time and get more autonomous. For the outside, we have allowed talents from different studios to meet and grow their skills together.

Through our solutions, artists have better interactions with other teams and focus on pictures. They grow their skills along their career and reach new levels. Studios, on their side, scale seamlessly. They can unleash their potential and fulfill their ambitions.

Together we are all winners.

Our values

  • Simplicity

    The more lightweight our tools are, the more agile we are. It clears our mind and makes everything faster.

  • Collaboration

    When ideas and work are shared everyone wins, we learn faster and we achieve more.

  • Craftsmanship

    Well-made things last longer. It makes us happy to work on them and leads to better software.

How we work

  • Open Company

    We share most of the things we build and learn. We have made our KPIs public too.

  • Remote

    We work from where we want when we want. Only productivity matters.

  • Deliberate Practicing

    We always need to learn. That's why we dedicate one day a week to self-training.

Who we are

We are a passionate team located in France. We have an extensive experience in coding software, managing productions, and building products.

Frank Rousseau

Marketing and Communication Manager

Before CGWire, Frank worked for studios and co-founded a startup. He has 15 years of experience in tech companies. Today, he nurtures the CGWire and Kitsu brands and gathers the right people to build them.

Gwenaëlle Dupré

Product and Sales Manager

Gwenaëlle worked for more than 10 years as a production manager with distributed teams. At CGWire, she handles all product management and sales aspects. She makes any Kitsu implementation a success.

Nicolas Ledez

Hosting Infrastructure Manager

Nicolas is one of the most renown French System Adminstrator. He is a speaker at a lot of tech events. He manages our cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Thanks to him, your Kitsu instance is always up.

Nicolas Pennec

Frontend Software Manager

Nicolas is an experienced Javascript developer. He has 15 years of experience in companies such as OVH or Orange. He gives a lot of conferences too about frontend technologies. He is in charge of all the Kitsu UIs.

Evan Blaudy

Backend Software Manager

Evan is an experienced Python Software Engineer and is involved in open source projects. With us, he maintains and improves the Kitsu API and the DCC integrations.

Elsa Chevallier

Finance Manager

Elsa worked during 15 years in the movie industry as Chief Financial Officer in studios and organization promoting cinema. She is in charge of the accountability aspects at CGWire.


Our advisors

Ev Henke

Senior UX Designer

Jean-Christophe Deperraz

Sales Manager at Datavenir

Frank Karlitschek

CEO at Nextcloud

Matthieu Aubry

CEO at Matomo

Website illustrations

All artworks are made by the Naolito Studio and Ev Style. They are licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

All production pictures displayed in screenshots were done by the Blender Studio during the Sprite Fright production. They are licensed under Creative Commons.