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A hub for your productionStudio Database

Kitsu exposes an HTTP API that allows you to centralize and access to all your data. Your tools connect to it and query the data from your production. The artists tools are enhanced. It helps them to focus on the artistic side of their work.

More than 100 000 API calls are done on the Kitsu API every day!

Automatized workflowBoost your pipeline

Store your production data in a single place. Then, synchronize your data, publish previews right from your tools, and run a custom script when events occur. Every action can be automatized.

HTTP APIShare your data with all the studio

Building a movie involves a lot of data: assets, shots, casting, task assignation, file locations, and more. All this information must be shared among all the departments. Kitsu API provides you with central storage for all this data that can be queried from anywhere.

Python clientEnjoy a simple Python API

Take advantage of intuitive functions to fetch production data. It offers a raw client too to handle more complex requests. A cache system is integrated for faster response time. The whole is available as a Python package on

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