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Our goal is to improve the quality of animation movies. We noticed that there were many rooms to improve the communication inside and outside of the studio. That's why we decided to foster collaboration inside the studio and between peers of the industry.

To achieve that, we build tools to facilitate interactions between all the stakeholders of the studio. And to go further, we allow talents from different studios to meet and grow their skills together.

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We are a passionate team located in Paris. We have an exstensive experience in coding software, managing production and building products.

Frank Rousseau

CEO & Coding Black Belt

Frank worked for studios and founded a startup prior to CGWire where he built an engineering team. He has the skills to gather the right people and technologies for your pipeline.

Gwenaëlle Dupré

CPO & Swiss Army Knife

Gwenaëlle worked for more than 10 years as production manager on many kinds of productions, in small and large teams. Naturally at CGWire, she handles all product management aspects.

JC Pagnon

UI Developer & CSS addict

Jean-Christophe aka GoOz has been building UI for websites and webapps for more than 10 years. He loves efficient and respectful UX that empower users.

Our advisors

Nicolas Ledez

Devops at Square Scale

Ev Henke

Senior UX Designer

Jean-Christophe Deperraz

Sales Manager at Datavenir

Frank Karlitschek

CEO at Nextcloud

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