2D and 3D TV Shows Kitsu for TV Series

For Artists

Artists needs fast access to what they have to do and a simple way to communicate on their work by posting comments and previews.

When the Artist logs in, he lands into his todo-list. In a glimpse, he sees what kind of task he has to do.

All tasks are properly detailed: the due date, the estimation, the priority level, the current status and the last comment made on the task.

With a single click, the Artist opens a comment panel without leaving his todo-list. It's super fast to answer or send a new preview. Through the notification system (in-app, email or Slack), he knows when something happens.

For Directors

Directors will have an efficient way to review the pending reviews and be aware of what's going with the production. That way they can react quickly and avoid the team to waste time because of wrong directions.

Kitsu provides a playlist system: the Director can review in a row several shots right from there. It can be pending reviews or the whole movie. Kitsu comes with edit functions: like changing the shot order or switching version on the fly. It allows the Director to be more precise about what he wants to see.

For Production Manager

As a Production Manager you need to track the cost of the production and to know what is reviewed and how many retakes occurs.

Kitsu provides you efficient timesheets where you you can see the number of hours spent for each Artist, per day, per week or per month for all productions.

For each shot or asset you can see the overall time spent on it. It will help to identify entities that costs too much. You can set estimation on every tasks and compare them to the time spent.

With the statistic page you can write you producer report faster. You don’t have to chase for the information. It shows you in real time the progress of the production.

You don't need to spend too much time gathering the files for the daily or weekly review. With the playlist page, you can set the reviews quickly and don't miss anything.

For Producer

The producer has a better view of the production. He can verify any information from the client or the contractor.

Kitsu allows him to financially see how things are going. Where the money is spent and why. He can see which shots or assets cost him the most. Thanks to the charts he knows always how the production is going.

The producer doesn’t depend on someone to see the progress of the show. No one has to stop what they are doing to provide pictures or preview to the producer. He can see by himself the progress of an episode in real-time.


Supervisors need instant access to the information all the time. They don't want to search for the right spreadsheet or the right file to comment.

Fortunately with Kitsu, everything is in the same place. Supervisors don't have to wait for others to know what to do. They always know what to review and which retakes should be done.

Task assignation, mentions, and comments allow to always send the information to the right person in an efficient way. In the end, supervisors have everything at hand to take and share the right decision.

When you work on a 52x11’ series, you have to deal with an insane amount of deliveries. Fortunately, with Kitsu, everything was running smoothly.

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