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For Supervisors

Supervisors work on several productions at the same time. They have to act quickly, and always be up to date.

Thanks to its real-time capabilities, Kitsu displays always the latest data. Better, dashboards and task lists emphasizes the most important information.

Supervisors can save their most used fiters. It's easy find for them to find their retakes or thire pending reviews.

Task assignation, mentions and comments allow to always send the information to the right person in an efficient way. In the end supervisors have everything at hand to take and share the right decision.

For Artists

Artists need a fast access to what they have to do and a simple way to communicate on their work by posting comments and previews.

When the Artist logs in, he lands into his todo-list. In a glimpse, he sees what tasks he must to work. Related data are displayed: entity, task type, estimation, due date and most recent comment.

For Directors

Directors needs an efficient way to review the pending reviews and be aware of what's going with the production. That way they can react quickly and avoid to the team to waste time because of wrong directions.

To achieve that Kitsu provides a playlist system: the Director can review in a row several shots right from it. It can be pending reviews or the whole movie. Kitsu comes with edit functions: like changing the shot order or switching version on the fly. It allows the Director to be more precise about what he wants to see.

The director sees what happens via the news feed. He can react quickly when something goes wrong. No need to wait for the end of the week to react.

For Production Managers

As a Production Manager you need to track the costs of the production and to know what is reviewed and how many times it required a retake.

Kitsu provides you with efficient timesheets where you you can see the number of hours spent per Artist, at a day, week or month range. You can access to the details by production.

For each shot or asset you can see the overall time spent on it. It will help to identify entities that costs too much. You can set estimation on every tasks and compare them to the time spent for each task.

With the statistic pages you can write you producer report faster. You don’t have to chase the information. You can report the information on your report and see the progress of the production during its lifetime.

You don't need to spend too much time gathering the files for the daily or weekly review. With the playlist page, you can set the reviews with a single click and don't miss anything.

First time I opened Kitsu I felt it was too simple for our needs. But it proved me wrong: that's exactly its strength.

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