Student Projects Kitsu For Your School

As a Student

Students need a central place to work together and with their teachers. Kitsu gives them a dedicated workspace to share information.

Kitsu gives them a frame to get organised and receive data from their teachers. Thanks to the notification system (in-app, email ou Slack), they are always informed when a feedback was sent.

Your students will learn how to use a production tracker that runs in real studios. They will acquire early a good sense of priorities and the basics of professional communication.

As a Director of Studies

Directors of studies follows the final student projects. They want to know how projects are running and identify issues quickly.

Director of Studies will be able to know the status of a project in one look and see if the assignments of the tasks are fair or not. Through the schedules, they will have a global overview of the major milestones of the project.

As a Teacher

Teacher will focus on their specialty. They won’t miss a request for feedback or a new preview. They will be able to see which student group require assistance.

Movie reviews will be easier thanks to the playlist module which allows to compare different versions and building stage.

Kitsu will be a dedicated place to store all the history of the project to remember how decisions were taken.

Kitsu is the exact solution we were looking for to manage our students projects.

Why you should use Kitsu for your Education Program

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