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Kitsu is a web application to track the progress of your productions. It improves communication between all stakeholders and simplifies work on different sites and remotely. With Kitsu, you ship better pictures and achieve faster deliveries.

Enhanced collaboration

Cloud storage for all your previews

The best option for remote working

Customer Story:
Miyu Studio

"A few days are enough to understand all the features required to run a production. Everyone in the studio starts quickly, especially artists who really enjoy Kitsu. We didn't notice this enthusiasm with the previous tools we used."

Carole Faure, Production Manager

Comments and previews Track all deliveries

Once your Artists are done, they publish their work in secured storage. Then Director comments and annotates all posted previews. Thanks to our realtime engine, everyone is notified instantly when a change occurs.

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Playlist Review your shots in a row

With Kitsu, you can build review playlists in a glimpse. You can comment on all shots right from the playlist and compare them with a previous building step. Dedicated playlists can be sent to your client.

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Todos Keep everyone on the same page

Your Artists know what is expected from them and share their progress. It keeps everyone on the same page at all times. They are more autonomous and focus more on the artistic part.

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When you work on a 52x11’ series, you have to deal with an insane amount of deliveries. Fortunately, with Kitsu, everything was running smoothly.

Cécile Hergaux, Head of Studio at Cube Creative

Statistics Get the big picture

With the statistic pages, you will have the overall progress of the production. Better, you will be able to provide your producers with precise reports.

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Newsfeed Never miss anything

Thanks to the news feed, you will never miss any comments or new preview. Everyone in the studio will know what is happening. It will be easier to anticipate problems.

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Casting Set your breakdown

You can list all assets contained in your shots. You will always know when a shot is ready to be started. And your Technical Directors will be happy to manage their scene building!

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First time I opened Kitsu I felt it was too simple for our needs. But it proved me wrong: that's exactly its strength.

Roy Nietereau, Technical Director at Colorbleed Studios

Schedule Share a clear schedule

From the schedule module, you will be able to set the main duration and milestones of your project. It will allow you to build budgets more quickly.

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Time tracking Keep track of time spent on tasks

From their todo-list Artists can tell how much time they spent each day on what. It allows you to see which asset or shot costed you the most.

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Quotas Set your expectations

Follow the productivity of your Artists and anticipate when someone has difficulties. Make sure that no one is blocked.

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Dark mode Switch between dark and light mode

Kitsu comes with two themes. You can use it in light or dark mode as you prefer. Just toggle the mode in the user menu.

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