Kitsu: Better than Excel, Cheaper than Shotgun

Kitsu is a web application to track the progress of your productions. With it, task validations are easy to follow. It improves the communication between artists and the production. Better, it gives a quick and up to date overview of the whole studio.

Access to documentation

Simplicity matters

Major production management applications are costly and hard to set-up. With Kitsu, we aim to provide a lightweight solution that is adapted for small and midsized studios. You won't need to pay for a consultant as you can learn it by yourself in matter of minutes!

Comment and annotate previews

Every time an arstist finishes his work, he can upload a preview (picture, movie, obj, pdf or archive). Then supervisors can post comments and annotate the work done. Thanks to our realtime engine, everything is updated instantly.

Share a clear schedule

From the schedule module, you will be able to set the main duration and milestones of your project. It will allow you to build budgets more quickly.

Never miss anything

Thanks to the news feed, you will never miss any comments or new preview. Everyone in the studio will know what is happening. It will be easier to anticipate problems.

Keep everyone on the same page

Your CG artists can know what is expected of them and share their progress. It keeps everyone on the same page at all times and it facilitates them to provide feedback. Finally, because Kitsu includes the Kitsu API, you can plug your pipeline on it and enjoy the improved and synchronised CG softwares.

Review your shots in a row

With Kitsu, you can build review playlists in a glimpse. You can comment all shots right from the playlist and compare them with a previous building step.

Get the big picture

With the statistic pages, you will have the overall progress of the production. Better, you will be able to provide your producers with precise reports.

Keep track of time spent on tasks

From their todo-list CG artists can tell how much time they spent each day on what. It allows you to see on which asset or shot costed you the most.

Manage your team by project

Build team for each project. This way, you make sure they can access only to the projects they work on. Keep track your employee contact information to reach them when you need.

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