With Gazu, boost your CG tools with your production data

With Gazu, it is super easy to query Zou. We wanted a Python client that is simple to understand and start with. Write your code like you would write plain text and enjoy adding value to your CG tools.

Take advantage of your database

We noticed that tools from major production and asset management solutions are complex to use. When dealing with the many data of CG production, it can lead to frustration and errors. Which is why we made a simple Python client. With it you can easily query the API and find the information you need.

Enjoy a simple API

import gazu

gazu.log_in("john", os.getenv("PASSWORD", "default"))

project = gazu.project.get_by_name("Big Buck Bunny")
assets = gazu.asset.all_assets_for_project(project)

modeling = gazu.task.get_task_type_by_name("Modeling")
tasks = gazu.task.get_task_by_task_type(assets[0], modeling)

> "/productions/bbb/assets/characters/bunny/modeling/bbb_bunny_modeling_v001"
  • Intuitive functions to fetch production data.
  • Raw client to handle more complex requests.
  • Cache system for faster response time.
  • Available as a Python package on Pypi.org.

Augment your tools

Displaying the CG artist tasks and files directly in his DCC solution has never been easier. Simply include the Gazu client to your app and lay back as your tools and plugins access your production data in a second.

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